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What is the role of the car clutch?

Update:27 Jul 2018

Ensure that the car starts smoothly This is the primary […]

Ensure that the car starts smoothly
This is the primary function of the clutch disc. Before starting the car, it is natural to start the engine first. When the car starts, the car is gradually accelerated from a completely static state. If the drive train (which is linked to the entire car) is rigidly connected to the engine, the transmission will suddenly rush forward as soon as the transmission is up, but it will not start. This is because when the car is from standstill to forward, it generates a large inertia force, which causes a large resistance torque to the engine. Under the action of the inertia resistance torque, the engine suddenly drops to the lowest stable speed (generally 300-500RPM) at the instantaneous speed, and the engine is turned off and cannot work. Of course, the car cannot start.

Therefore, we need the help of the clutch. After the engine is started, before the car starts, the driver first depresses the clutch pedal, disengages the clutch, disengages the engine and the drive train, then suspends the transmission, and then gradually releases the clutch pedal to gradually engage the clutch. During the engagement process, the resistance torque of the engine gradually increases. Therefore, the accelerator pedal should be gradually depressed at the same time, that is, the fuel supply amount to the engine is gradually increased, so that the engine speed is always maintained at the lowest stable rotation speed without being turned off. At the same time, as the tightness of the clutch is gradually increased, the torque transmitted by the engine through the drive train to the driving wheel is gradually increased. When the traction force is sufficient to overcome the starting resistance, the car starts to move from the stationary state and accelerates step by step. Smooth work