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What is the role of the car clutch?

Update:03 Aug 2018

1: Smooth shifting In order to adapt to changing drivin […]

1: Smooth shifting

In order to adapt to changing driving conditions during the driving process of the car, the drive train often has to work in different gear positions. To realize the gear shifting of the gear type transmission, generally, the gear or other gear shifting mechanism is used to push a gear pair of the original gear position out of the transmission, and then the gear pair of the other gear position enters the work. Before the shifting, the clutch pedal must be depressed to interrupt the power transmission, so that the meshing pair of the original gear position can be disengaged, and the speed of the meshing portion of the new gear meshing pair is gradually synchronized, so that the impact when entering the meshing can be greatly increased. Reduce and achieve smooth shifting.

2: to prevent the drive line overload

When the car is in emergency braking, if there is no clutch, the engine will be sharply reduced due to the rigid connection with the drive train, so all moving parts will generate a large moment of inertia (the value may greatly exceed the engine's normal operation The maximum torque) causes a load on the drive train that exceeds its load carrying capacity, and the mechanism is damaged. With the clutch, the relative motion that can occur between the active and driven portions of the clutch can be relied upon to eliminate this danger. Therefore, we need a clutch to limit the maximum torque that the drive train is subjected to to ensure safety.

Clutch facing can be divided into: friction clutches, either using liquid as the medium of transmission (ie, fluid coupling), or using magnetic transmission (ie, electromagnetic clutch)