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What are the precautions when using the clutch?

Update:31 May 2018

Clutch Note: 1, the foot can not be placed on the clutc […]

Clutch Note:

1, the foot can not be placed on the clutch for a long time;
2, do not step on the brake on a clutch, so that the clutch is in a semi-linkage state for a long time;
3, step on the first step on the downhill and then step on the car.
Correctly step on the clutch

Stepping on the clutch properly
1, the clutch in the end
2, strong files lightly linked to 2 files (or 1 file)
Correctly step on clutch second step:
1, light pressure throttle (2 gear large point, 1 file can be slightly smaller) and remain unchanged
2, lift the clutch to the contact point at the same time (feel the car has a tendency to move, press the clutch does not move)
Stepping on the clutch correctly Step 3:
1. When you feel that the car is no longer being dragged, you can quickly release the clutch completely. At this time, the clutch has completely touched.

Xiaobian epitome: In summary, the technology of driving is also very particular, not to be a little sloppy, perhaps Xiaobian said is not comprehensive enough, but for the correct step on the brake glue we introduce today, bearing in mind these are enough , I hope to help the majority of riders.