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What are the advantages of disc brakes?

Update:12 Jul 2018

Advantages of disc brakes Disc brakes have fast heat di […]

Advantages of disc brakes Disc brakes have fast heat dissipation, light weight and simple structure. The adjustment is especially good at high load, high temperature resistance, stable braking effect and good thermal stability. Compared with the traditional drum brakes, its superiority is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 2.1 Braking performance High disc brakes in liquid (difficult heat dissipation, a large amount of heat will be accumulated during braking.

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The plate and the hub are more prone to extremely complex changes under the influence of high temperature, which is prone to brake degeneration and chattering, resulting in a decrease in braking efficiency. The disc brake disc is directly exposed to the air and has good heat dissipation. The thermal expansion does not cause the brake pedal stroke loss like the brake drum expansion, which simplifies the structural design of the gap automatic adjustment device.