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The Time for You to Change Your Brake Pad

Update:10 Oct 2017

The car's braking system is one of the most important c […]

The car's braking system is one of the most important components of your driving experience, because it's the only bus that makes you do not have to be stingy in a grocery store. This is a fairly simple hydraulic system that allows the force applied to the pedal to be converted into a clamping force at the wheel.

When the brake pad are worn on the rotor, the application will squeak. This is an audible safety measure to ensure that the driver knows about to replace the brakes. Unfortunately, some mats are not particularly good, so the newer car will brake pad wear sensor as part of its system to install, so the driver warned to need to replace the gasket on the dashboard. In addition, when the brake pad goes low, the caliper's piston requires a longer stroke to clamp the rotor, thereby reducing the amount of fluid in the brake tank. If the pad is low, you will see a significant change in the level of brake fluid, or even a "brake" warning light on the dashboard.

If all of these signs are ignored, the material of the pad will be worn to the surface of the rotor that is the only thing that is made of steel, and it will form a heavy groove on the surface of the rotor, forcing you Replace the rotor.

Using brakes, ceramics are often the best because they have the best braking feel and prevent the longest protection of the frictions of the brakes, although dust may accumulate more on your wheels than traditional mats. You can find your car mat here

In the case of a rotor, unless you use a car on the track, any cheap rotor will do, but note that the rotor manufacturer does not have the greatest quality control in some of the less expensive examples and may require you to After the brake due to vibration and rotation.