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The following points should be noted when using the disc brake

Update:13 Aug 2018

Brake lining roll should be used with care to ensure th […]

Brake lining roll should be used with care to ensure their service life
1. A safety cover or other safety measures with good ventilation.
2. The pneumatic brake must be used within the range of allowable joint and brake workload. If it is used beyond the allowable connection brake work during operation, it will cause heat to increase, and the friction surface will turn red and heat. If it is too hot, it may cause fire. In addition, it will directly affect the performance of the pneumatic brake, so be sure to use it in the brake work that allows the connection.
3. Do not increase the number of revolutions without exceeding the allowable number of rotations. When the number of rotations exceeds the allowable number of rotations, the vibration becomes large, and depending on the occasion, damage or scattering may occur in a very dangerous state. Be sure to use the number of rotations and set the protective cover.
4. The friction plate used should not be stained with water or grease, otherwise it will affect the torque or work performance.
5. Before installing the pneumatic brake, confirm the surrounding environment. If there is moisture, oil, dust or vibration and impact, high humidity environment will directly affect the service life and performance of the pneumatic device.