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Simple understanding of magnetic powder clutch

Update:03 Sep 2018

The magnetic material is placed between the active and […]

The magnetic material is placed between the active and the driven parts. When the power is not energized, the magnetic powder is in a loose state. When the power is on, the magnetic powder is combined, and the active part and the driven part rotate simultaneously. Advantages: the torque can be adjusted by adjusting the current, allowing the comparison
Large slip. Disadvantages: The temperature rise is large when the slip is large, and the relative price is high.
Slip electromagnetic clutch: When the clutch button  is working, there must be a certain speed difference between the main and the slave parts to have torque transmission. The torque depends on the magnetic field strength and the speed difference. The excitation current remains the same, the speed follows
The torque increases and drops drastically; the torque remains unchanged, the excitation current decreases, and the rotational speed decreases more severely.
Slip electromagnetic clutch has no mechanical connection between the main and driven components, no wear and tear, no magnetic powder leakage, no impact, adjust the excitation current to change the speed, and use it as a continuously variable transmission.
Its advantage. The main disadvantage of the clutch is that the eddy current in the rotor generates heat. The heat is proportional to the difference in the speed of rotation. The efficiency at low speed is very low. The efficiency value is the ratio of the speed of the driven shaft, ie η.
The mechanical transmission system suitable for high-frequency operation can combine or separate the driven part and the active part under the condition of active part operation.
When the active member and the driven member are in a separated state, the active member rotates, the driven member is stationary; the active member and the driven member are in an engaged state, and the active portion is brought to the driven member to rotate.
Widely used in machine tools, packaging, printing, textile, light industry, and office equipment.
The electromagnetic clutch is generally used for medium temperature -20-50 ° C, humidity less than 85%, in the medium without explosion hazard, the coil voltage fluctuation does not exceed ± 5% of the rated voltage.

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