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Clutch noise and precautions

Update:09 May 2018

When the car just started, if there was an abnormal sou […]

When the car just started, if there was an abnormal sound when the pedal was just delivered, if the car was just starting up, an abnormal sound occurred, indicating that the rivets of the driven plate and the splined sleeve were loose or the steel sheet was broken. If a single collision sound is generated when the clutch is engaged, the driven disk spline bushing is generally loosely coupled with the first shaft of the transmission. If the driven disk has a shock absorber, the damping spring may be broken. This requires tightening the loose rivets or replacing the broken steel pieces.
Continuously moving the clutch facing, there is abnormal sound at the moment of separation and engagement If abnormal sound occurs at this time, most of the separation rod or bracket pin hole wear and loose, the pressure plate on the protruding part and the window hole loose, friction plate rivets Loosening, exposure, etc., this basic repair is like, it is relatively simple. The
Downshift: Decrease the speed to the first gear, then quickly depress the clutch and finally step on the brake.
Increase the file: Increase the throttle, and then quickly depress the clutch, gently lift the clutch, you can slightly increase the throttle during the clutch.
Car Parking: Stop with the brakes. When the speed drops to the first gear, step on the clutch. When the car is completely stopped, slowly release the clutch. If you look at it still is not very understanding how the clutch can not be placed on the clutch for a long time; do not step on the clutch on a brake, so that the clutch is in a semi-linkage state for a long time; step down on the clutch and then step on the car.
Summary: Clutch abnormalities need to be cautious, the use of clutches need to be cautious Clutch abnormal sound is mostly internal parts of the problem, do not underestimate these small problems, you know that for manual transmission of the car, the role of the clutch is It is very large, so if you can't handle it, you must check the problem promptly. If you can't handle it, let a professional person cure the car. For us, usually pay more attention when using the clutch to extend the life of the clutch, otherwise half-clutch failure is a terrible thing