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Novices must be skilled in oil separation

Update:21 Jun 2018

When driving a manual transmission model, the best oil […]

When driving a manual transmission model, the best oil separation can not only make the vehicle run steadily and smoothly, but also make the power output smoother, and it can also save fuel and prolong the service life of the clutch. This skill is often the most difficult for novices to master. It often occurs when the start is turned off and the body shakes. In addition, when the vehicle shifts gears, the clutch can easily be caused by the looseness of the clutch. This not only destroys the vehicle, but also makes the driver feel uncomfortable. Some novices, due to unskilled clutch operation, developed a habit of stepping on the clutch pedal, causing the clutch to be in a semi-clutch state for a long time, which would damage the clutch.

The correct oil separation must be adjusted in conjunction with the speed of the vehicle. In the starting stage, the gear will be in the neutral position. After the car, the clutch pedal will be depressed and the shift lever will be hung into the first gear. The clutch will be slowly released to cooperate with the throttle to start the car. When stepping on the clutch pedal must be stepped to the end, in the process of slowly loosening the clutch pedal feel the body of the jitter and movement trends, when the vehicle has a slight shake and the trend of movement after the slow refueling, continue to slowly loose the clutch, until completely released, the vehicle Smooth start.

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