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How to Choose the Correct Clutch Disc for Your Vehicle

Update:07 Nov 2017

There are a few things you should consider when choosin […]

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a new clutch disc for your car or truck. This guide is intended to help you make the right decision with all the necessary steps based on your particular vehicle, depending on how it is used now and in the future. Only by carefully considering all the relevant factors can we come up with a decision that will make your performance and lifetime clutch pack a real value. In addition, this guide covers only automotive applications such as cars and pickups.

In this case, the vehicle is used as originally designed and is a daily driver. In this case, maintenance costs and ease of use are key considerations. No planned performance changes.

Recommendation: In this case, the aftermarket clutch disc with parts will be the best value, as these kits are usually cheaper than through the dealer. All clutch parts have been 100 million tests, about 100,000 miles. If you intend to keep the car for a while, this is definitely the way to go. If you are considering selling your car as quickly as possible, cheaper packages made using low-cost foreign components may be a viable option. However, the most expensive part of the clutch work is installation, and if the bearings should scream or fail, or the friction material wears quickly, that cheaper clutch kit will cost more money even in the short term.

Trucks used for work are usually used to carry loads that exceed the original design intent. These trucks may also be modified to increase the engine's original horsepower and torque ratings to meet these requirements. If this is the case, a properly upgraded clutch pack with long-life friction material is a viable option. It is important for your clutch supplier to know how many modifications to increase the horsepower and torque rating of the engine. Should pay attention to the tire and exhaust changes. Try to be as accurate as possible so that the clutches properly match your truck. Other issues such as towing trailers or off-road work are also discussed.