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Disc friction plate should be how to choose

Update:24 Jan 2018

The first point: the friction plate material High quali […]

The first point: the friction plate material
High quality brake linings are absolutely free of asbestos. Not only that, but frictional materials should also avoid costly and indefinite properties of the fibers and sulfides, and the appropriate friction lining formulation ensures optimum compressive strength.
Friction plate material basically consists of four kinds of raw materials: metal materials, filler materials, lubricants and organic materials. The relative proportions of these materials depend on the specific conditions of friction lining used and the required coefficient of friction. Friction material formula is strictly confidential, only the manufacturer himself clearly. Asbestos has proven to be the most effective wear-resistant material in friction lining formulations, but after it is known that asbestos fibers are detrimental to health, the material is gradually being replaced by other fibers. Now, high-quality brake linings are absolutely free of asbestos, and friction materials should try to avoid costly and indefinite fibers and sulfides. This is also the development direction of South Korea mechanical brake friction plates. Shanghai Han Dong uses the best friction materials in the world for friction material formulations such as Kevlar, high purity graphite, powdered rubber and resins, all of which ensure the high performance of the product.

The second point: the friction coefficient
The dynamic friction coefficient of the brake lining determines the amount of braking force, but it also plays a decisive role in braking balance and the stability of the control during braking. Decreasing the friction coefficient can cause considerable changes in braking performance, which can result in a significant increase in braking distance. Therefore, the friction coefficient of the brake lining must be guaranteed to be stable over all driving conditions (speed, temperature, humidity and pressure) and over the entire service life. In other words, a good brake lining has a friction coefficient that is high enough to be stable under all driving conditions. Shanghai Han Dong mechanical high-quality brake friction plate is a highly stable coefficient of friction and better than other friction plates, and Han Dong mechanical brake friction plates are in accordance with the original standard after rigorous testing.

The third point: the shear strength
The shearing strength of brake linings is another important measure. Whether it is the shear strength of the friction pad itself or the adhesion between the brake pads and the back plate, make sure that it will not come off or crack even under extreme conditions.