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Correctly Replace Brake Pad for Your Car

Update:02 Jan 2018

During the process of replacement and installation of t […]

During the process of replacement and installation of the brake pad, it should be carefully checked whether the brake pads replaced are consistent with the model number of the vehicle, and the same type is the primary guarantee for the brake safety of the vehicle. Such as the installation of the old Santana and Jetta brake pads, the two brake pads can be mounted to the brake caliper, but slightly different size of the two steel slots, friction material may be used in the process of falling off, brake failure. Should also check the working condition of the caliper, with a brush to remove the clamp body oil. Dust and clamp body positioning pin, clear the retainer and guide column on the dirt and lubrication, observe the surface of the brake disc, should not play ditch, from the groove, should be checked every 5000 km, the thickness of its measurement, unilateral wear more than 2mm should be replaced.

In the replacement of the installation of brake pad, with pins out of the guide post, remove the brake pads, push the piston back with special tools, and then with the new model of the brake pads installed and to ensure that the brake pads can slide freely to prevent brake pad trailing, resulting in early brake pad wear. In accordance with the above degree of reverse then the clamp body can be installed up. The correct installation is also to avoid noise and jitter when braking.

After the installation is completed, the brake pedal should be pressed repeatedly so that the pistons, brake pads and brake disks are in contact with each other. After initial installation, the initial running speed should not exceed 40 km / h. Brake 5-10 times is appropriate, Disk friction contact surface as much as possible, reaching more than 80%, you can easily drive.

The performance of automobile brake pads is based on the different characteristics of different models, full load and no load, especially for the taxi speed, passenger capacity, change the different road. However, in actual use, there may be insufficient braking force or grinding phenomenon.

Noise generated when the car brakes, driving and surrounding people will have a feeling of displeasure; be accused. In fact, brake noise is a more complicated phenomenon, when the friction material and its dual disc brake disc discordant, resulting in irregular vibration, the formation of noise.