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Correct clutch pedal

Update:01 Mar 2018

1, The correct clutch tread method should be based on t […]

1, The correct clutch tread method should be based on the left heel as the fulcrum, the use of the forefoot to step on the clutch pedal;
2, The car started: the car started to quickly clutch the first step down, and then quickly release to the semi-linked state, at the same time a little throttle, increase the car speed, and then gently lift the clutch, into the full linkage A little pause
3, The car shift - to reduce the file: First of all, to reduce the car speed, until the speed is reduced to the need to downshift so far, quickly depresses the clutch, and then use the "one fast, two slow, three linkage" principle to control the clutch;
4, The car shift - by file: Increase the throttle to increase the speed of the car, and then quickly depress the clutch, gently lift the clutch, the light lift the clutch in the process of slightly throttle;
5, The car parking: car speed needs to be below 15KM / H when the clutch, and then use the brakes to stop the car, after the full stop, slowly release the clutch; you say how to judge, this can only say that by experience, Feel more at the foot. However, in fact, it is not a semi-linkage that results from stepping on to the bottom, and a certain angle needs to be lifted to become a semi-linkage.

The so-called one fast, that is, just when the foot, there is a distance between the two did not touch, this distance can lift a little faster; two slow refers to the two began to contact, if carried quickly, will cause the body vibration, or even Stalled, so need to slow; triple action, refers to lift the light clutch, the linkage between the two conditions.