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Clutch control essentials

Update:07 Mar 2018

First of all, to grasp the correct clutch on the postur […]

First of all, to grasp the correct clutch on the posture, foot pedal on the clutch pedal, the heel to the ground, when the clutch stepped on the lowest point, the knee to keep slightly bent. Never tiptoe or heel off the ground, to avoid lack of strength or decline. Step on the clutch, you want to step on the lowest (floor), to avoid prolonged engagement, so that you can ensure the clutch completely separated, will not wear. When driving, do not put the clutch too fast or deliberately raise the engine speed too high, which will accelerate the clutch loss. Always shift the gear when the clutch is low. When you step on the clutch, the throttle should be released. If the hand fails to shift smoothly, you can release the clutch, and then step on the clutch again, and then shift, do not force shift, otherwise it will gear gear friction.