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Brief introduction of pneumatic clutch

Update:27 Aug 2018

Pneumatic clutch is controlled by air pressure, ventila […]

Pneumatic clutch is controlled by air pressure, ventilating connection, separation after gas disconnection, pneumatic clutch now has friction clutch, drum clutch, tooth clutch.
The friction type pneumatic clutch NAC type, also known as the NAC type (standard type) air pressure through shaft clutch, is connected by air pressure and is released by a return spring. The disc slides in the axial direction by the air pressure and contacts the friction plate. round
The disc, the friction plate, and the like are assembled to the hub to form an integrated structure. The friction plate can be disassembled by unscrewing the adjusting nut, and the exchange is simple.
The BTC type (toothed type) clutch is internally connected by two plane toothed discs when ventilating, and is automatically connected by a return spring when the pressure is released.
The SH type drum type pneumatic tire clutch facing  engages the inner wall of the friction plate by injecting air into the airbag. At this time, the rotating hearing hub is bitten and transmitted, and the torque is transmitted as a clutch, which is solid after being engaged.
The rule is the brake. The SH type can be used as a clutch or brake.