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Adjust the driving posture

Update:14 Mar 2018

The correct driving posture is very important for safe […]

The correct driving posture is very important for safe driving. It can not only eliminate long-term driving fatigue, ensure a good driving vision, but also make the driving movement more accurate, rapid and reasonable. The driving posture is mainly related to the steering wheel and the seat. After sitting in the driver's seat, you should first sit deep in the back of the seat so that the waist and shoulders rest on the back of the chair. First, feel the right and the back of the seat and whether the backrest angle is appropriate. Then put your arm forward and naturally hold the two sides of the steering wheel. At this time, the wrist must be free to bend and move freely. The leg must have a certain amount of space for movement. When the clutch pedal, brake pedal, or accelerator pedal is used, it is easy and the body does not have to lean forward. At this time, the position is basically suitable. If it is not suitable, you can slide the seat back and forth or adjust the angle of the back of the seat to make it meet the above requirements.

Do not be too nervous when driving, many newcomers often feel back pain after the first time on the road, mainly because of sitting wrong, the body is too nervous, so that the body stiff with the car, back pain is inevitable. Don't always maintain a posture to drive while driving, and you need to adjust the sitting posture properly to eliminate fatigue.
What needs to be emphasized is that after adjusting your driving posture, you must remember to wear a seatbelt to avoid sudden feeling of nervousness and insecurity when you are not wearing a seatbelt.