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Clutch Disc are Constructed of Many Different Materials

Update:17 Oct 2017

Clutch disc are constructed of many different materials […]

Clutch disc are constructed of many different materials:

Organic: Organic material is common to all stock clutch discs, and offers the best drivability but has limitations as operating temperatures rise. Under high loads accompanied by slippage, they fade because their coefficient of friction drops off.

Kevlar Composites: Kevlar material offers a higher coefficient of friction than organic material, but with some loss in drivability. As the coefficient of friction goes up in the disc material, so will the aggressiveness of the material on engagement. This means that some chatter can be expected with this material in low gear and reverse. Kevlar is compatible with stock flywheels and pressure plates, making it a good upgrade choice.

Sintered Iron: Sintered iron is well known for its ability to withstand some slippage and not lose its coefficient of friction. It is the material choice for high horsepower clutch applications. A street version of the sintered iron disc is the RAM 900 series, which utilizes a sprung hub. These discs should be used only with RAM steel or aluminum flywheels or excessive wear to the friction surface will occur. A key feature of the competition sintered iron material is that it is maintainable. If the clutch is slipped excessively, the disc can be resurfaced and reused.

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